John Rose of Oak Bluffs on the Importance of EMTs Today

John Rose of Oak Bluffs: Never Take EMTs for Granted

Emergency medical technicians, or EMTs, are usually the first to respond to a medical emergency, and their job demands quick thinking and presence of mind. According to John Rose of Oak Bluffs, EMTs often find themselves on the front lines in emergency medical settings such as fires, road accidents, and even natural disasters. In many cases, people’s lives depend on the EMT’s quick action and competent care.

Here are a few things about EMTs:

1. EMTs work with paramedics, firefighters, and police officers for the best all-around emergency care. As for their duties, EMTs are trained to respond to calls for emergency medical assistance and provide basic life support to patients before they are transported to a medical facility. They also determine the right course of action after assessing the patient’s condition and provide non-invasive medical aid such as cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR).

2. EMTs are trained in controlling bleeding, bandaging injuries, and the use of automated external defibrillators (AEDs). When needed, they can also administer activated charcoal, oral glucose, and oxygen, as well as create patient care reports while documenting all procedures performed on the patient.

3. EMTs can do additional work depending on their level of training and experience and following state regulations. For example, EMTs with advanced training can perform cardiac monitoring, administration of intravenous treatment, and advanced airway techniques.

4. EMT paramedics have the highest level of training and can perform a greater number of duties, including evaluating medical records, undertaking blood transfusions, and performing nasogastric intubation, adds John Rose from Oak Bluffs.

What it takes to be an EMT

Being an EMT requires a high level of physical fitness as well as problem-solving skills. John Rose says these are needed to work effectively and efficiently in very stressful scenarios. The ability to think fast and act quickly has always been an essential skill in this profession.

EMTs almost always meet people in a time of crisis. Both the EMTs and the people they meet need both physical and emotional care. If you can strike that balance, then you can be an effective EMT.

There are a few vital personal skills you need to be a decent EMT, such as quick decision-making and problem-solving, empathy and understanding, good listening and patience, compassion and caring, mental resiliency, and effective communication.

Moreover, John Rose of Oak Bluffs says that some critical technical skills you will learn as part of your EMT training include CPR, vital signs, trauma skills, life support, EMT-B, various medical equipment found in an ambulance, and Emergency Medical Services (EMS) procedures and operations.

Regardless of the level of training, EMTs are always called to work at any time. Their job can be physically and emotionally taxing, not to mention risky, especially when assisting patients with infectious diseases. Still, more than thousands have signed up for the job in their desire to save lives.

On a final note, the Bureau of Labor Statistics noted in May 2021 that EMTs earn an average annual salary of $35,470. It was as of May 2021. The BLS also predicts that the need for EMTs and paramedics will rise by 7 percent. John Rose of Oak Bluffs says that this leads to more than 20,000 EMT and paramedic job openings per year in the U.S.

John Rose, Oak Bluffs, Martha’s Vineyard native, excelled as a multi-sport athlete in high school, notably leading the golf team as captain. He now serves as the Chief of the Oak Bluffs Fire Department, with certifications including Fire Prevention Officer and Fire Officer 1. John’s commitment to public safety is unwavering, and he strives to impact the lives of his community’s residents positively. In his free time, he enjoys golf, fishing, hiking, skiing, and bike riding, embracing both community dedication and an adventurous spirit. For more of his insights on his work, visit this page.

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